How to Suck at Your Next Health Fair

health fair

If you spend any length of time at all in the healthcare industry, you’re going to be a part of your share of health fairs. They run the full spectrum of size, shape, and color. I’ve been to more than I care to remember, and I’ve seen so many people waste their company’s valuable resources by completely wasting the time they spend as a vendor at these events. So if you want to join the majority of healthcare professionals and completely suck at your next health fair, follow these handy tips:

1. Don’t invest in your display.


I mean, at all. Find a table cloth at the last minute and make sure that it’s still wrinkled from sitting the closet since your last health fair. Print up signs with no color. Don’t bring a banner with your organization’s logo on it. When you set up your display, don’t invest any thought at all into aestetics or design. Just kind of scatter your collateral material across your table and hope that people will ask you if they need specific information.

2. Spend the entire day networking.make friends networking

After all, that’s why you’re at the health fair, anyway, right? You want to see the girls from your rotary club or reconnect with your golf foursome! You should make sure to ignore the hundreds of potential customers who came to the health fair to see you, and instead, focus your time on networking with people that you will see a couple hours later. At a networking event. That is designed for networking.

3. Try to sell to every person you talk to.


What better place to give a 30-minute sales presentation that in a room filled with other organizations, hundreds of visitors, and more going on than they can even keep track of? Obviously, you’re going to have all of their attention. There is no way it would be better to simply set up a time when you can meet with them privately, and offer them a small gift in thanks for the appointment. Don’t spend your time at the next health fair setting up appointments instead of trying to sell, sell, sell. There is too much possibility for success with that strategy.

4. Leave early.

can_i_make_up_for_arriving_late_by_leaving_early_postcard-r717c2daf54a64565a03637a6e35c2094_vgbaq_8byvr_512I know, I know – it’s been a long day of networking and screaming your sales pitch to be heard above the noise. You’re tired. And the chances of a few people walking in when your competitors have already left aren’t that good are they? I mean, why would you want to be around when the day has quieted down and there is less to distract the last dozen visitors? Who needs the hassle? Go ahead, pack up and meet your friends for a few well-earned drinks. You didn’t need the opportunity to make more money anyway.


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