Lessons in Positive Thinking – Be Sincere


Lessons in Positive Thinking

It’s one of the easiest cliché’s to throw out when you’re trying to motivate a group, generate some participation, or hold an audience’s interest. The power of positive thinking is a force that can’t be denied, but, perhaps stronger still, the power of the idea of positive thinking.

The benefit of positive thinking is the impact that it has on your attitude and perspective on circumstances and relationships. It’s a game-changer. Often, those who bring a sincere attitude of positive thinking to the table are in the minority and it will set them apart from the skepticism and second-guessing that plagues mediocre leadership.

Most important, however, to the success of an attitude of positive thinking is that it spring from a place of true sincerity. As a leader, your positive attitude toward the circumstances your organization faces must be honest and legitimate. Difficult situations have an erosive effect on the mindset of a group of individuals. If your leadership is simply paying lip-service to the culture of positive thinking you’re trying to cultivate, a few bumps in the road will quickly undermine your facade.

Massive damage is done to an organization when the leadership preaches positive thinking in word only, and not in truth, and when negative circumstances reveal the charade. Hypocrisy comes at a high price to those in leadership, and it’s supremely difficult to regain the relationship equity with your team once the lack of sincerity has been brought to light.

More good can not be done for your team, however, than when they see you, in the midst of a storm, standing firm and consistent on the principles of positive thinking. No great speech in the world can act as effectively a catalyst for your organization as for them to see their leader, true to his word, positive and undaunted in the face of the greatest adversity.

Sincerity, in this as in all things, is the backbone of principle. For until the principle has been tested and proven, it is only a notion. Be a leader. Be positive. Be sincere.


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