Fear vs. Confidence


I was having a conversation this morning and the topic of pressure came up. It’s no secret that in the sales industry, regardless of your product, there is a lot of pressure to meet goals and fulfill quotas. It’s the never-ending story of sales – “What have you done for me lately?” is the question that overrides all past accomplishments. In competitive industries like healthcare or finance, the pressure grows with the mounting expectation of large revenue production and exaggerated profit margins. So, how do people cope? What’s the secret for dealing with these crushing expectations?







I’m of the opinion that too many people complicate the sales process. They make it a big scary thing and focus on the consequences of missing the mark rather than giving their effort and attention to the steps necessary to achieve the goal. It’s a matter of perspective – operating out of fear of failure rather than in confidence in the process causes worry, confusion, and discouragement.

How do you find success in the face of the pressure to achieve? Are you constantly chasing a rabbit out of fear, focusing your attention on what happens if you don’t succeed? Or are you doing what all successful salespeople do out of habit – spending your energy on the steps that consistently yield results, confident in the knowledge that your process will work?


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