Making Your Own Difference



Amanda Gore did a great job this weekend explaining why successful people don’t become successful on accident.

Attitude is everything in life – it’s an indisputable, undeniable fact. And, the great thing about attitude is that it is and remains the one thing in life that you always maintain absolute control over. Attitude is a choice. That perspective and personality that you bring to your tasks every day are the result of a decision that you made – today, yesterday, or a year ago – about your attitude toward those objectives.

Success is the result of positive attitude, intense personal commitment, and consistent effort. How are you going to make yourself successful today?



2 thoughts on “Making Your Own Difference

  1. Thanks for sharing such a simple formula. However, people may ask…if it’s so simple why doesn’t it work for everyone? Simply for the reason you say here…it’s a choice. If you make the choice to be successful, you will accomplish it 🙂

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