What is your morning routine?


How do you start the day? I feel like this is such an important thing to be aware of. Each day is a new challenge, a new adventure, a new opportunity.recite-27469--1132542836-1bxz5p3 To get the most out of each day, there should be a plan. The plan starts when you get out of bed.

I get up every morning at 6:00am. My goal is always to be to work no later than 8:00, so this gives me an hour and a half of prep time, and 30 minutes of drive time. I shower first thing – while the shower is heating up I turn on the clothes iron and the Keurig. I use a re-useable k-cup with ground coffee, so I clean that out and refill it. Shower – sometimes these take longer than other days, depending how much I’m dragging. I shave in the shower because it makes me feel like I’m saving time.

After shower is coffee and iPhone time. I check Facebook, email, and other online nonsense while I drink a cup of joe. The amount of time I spend doing this is directly related to the length of my shower – it takes me exactly 30 minutes to iron my clothes for the day, brush teeth and comb hair, and dress. So I knock off the coffee at 7:00 and I’m out the door right about 7:30 every day.

My mornings are not super drawn out, but I have enough time to wake up and use my brain a little before I get to the office. On the drive in, I always listen to my podcast queue – I try to hit episodes from NPR to get my thought process started for the day. I like the TED radio hour, too – it’s usually very inspirational and motivating, which is a great way to kick off my morning. I’ll usually try to grab something out of the morning radio to share with my team at the morning meeting, and give them some food for thought to start their day.

So, what about you – how does your day start? Any morning routine hacks that you absolutely love?


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