End of the Month Blues


I hate the end of the month. Pressure builds. Expectations rise. Urgency becomes almost unreasonable.

End of Month

But I have found that there are two invaluable assets to making the end of the month not only bearable, but even productive and effective.

1.) Personal attitude. The face that you see in the mirror every morning will either create your success or be the author of your defeat. The attitude that you bring to the end of the month sets the tone for every phone call, every tour, and every interaction. Create your success ahead of time by deciding to be positive ON PURPOSE.

2.) Team spirit. A purposeful decision to be part of promoting a positive team spirit will not only affect your own attitude, but it will influence the attitude of everyone around you. You always have control about how YOU respond to everything that EOM brings. If you decide to respond by spending the next four days complaining about having to work on your days off, it’s going to be a long four days. But if you decide to engage in encouraging, supporting, and cheering for your team, who are right in the trenches with you, you’ll enjoy being a part of something bigger and better than yourself.

It’s the end of the month. We are the masters of our fate. How will we respond? Will we rise to the occaision and prove to ourselves and each other that we are capable of being our best self? Or will we sign our letter of defeat right from the starting line by CHOOSING an attitude of discouragement?