Trial of Integrity


Every person who works hard to serve their community will, at some point, face a situation that calls into stark illumination the nature and character of their integrity. They will be tested by the misdeeds of others, by the failure to adhere to moral rules, and by the willingness of lesser men and women to bypass acceptable business practices for the sake of a short-term gain.

Relish these opportunities.

When your integrity is tested by the fire of another’s lack of character, you’re given a golden opportunity to shine as a light to your sphere of influence. Nobody operates on an island, and while you may feel isolated in the midst of an attack, remember that you’re being watched, that others around you are waiting to see how you will respond. Be strong, be right, and be heard. Be willing to find your voice and call misdeeds for what they are. Actively pursue the high road and willingly sacrifice the momentary desire for retaliation on the altar of your character, knowing that the long-term benefits of an intact reputation will gain you far more. This is your opportunity to lead. Lead yourself, and be true to the strength of character that is your foundation.

This is your moment.


Discipline from Coach K




Great words from one of the best in the business. Thanks for the inspiration, Coach K.



Sense of Urgency


Having a sense of urgency does not mean running around with your hair on fire. It doesn’t mean multi-tasking. It doesn’t mean being short or rude or angry. A sense of urgency is not something that appears because you have run out of time. It doesn’t manifest itself when all other options have been exhausted.

A sense of urgency is a carefully cultivated perspective on priorities. It is built on a carefully assembled understanding of clearly defined goals supported by purposeful and concrete expectations.

A sense of urgency starts long before the due date, and those who have it are able to consistently and steadfastly adhere to what it requires. Focus, energy, determination, and achievement.

Sense of Urgency